About Us

Meet some of the faces behind Power Circle Mentoring. Everyday people trying to  not only reach, but impact those around them. In and effort to reshape not only the Frankfort area but surrounding neighborhoods of Philadelphia. 

President & Founder Eugene Thomas "Buddha" 

My name is Eugene Thomas aka Buddha I am from the Frankford section of the city of Philadelphia. I have a strong passion for the youth which comes from my experience growing up in the intercity.  I too grew up in the same environments and fell victim to the same traps, so I relate with the youth fully . We started Powercircle in Frankford because there were no positive platforms or outlets for kids to look up too or be apart of.   The GOAL of Power Circle is to get as many youth off the streets as possible by providing a positive outlet and creating opportunities for advancement.   


In addition to being the Founder/ President of Power Circle, I am also a small business owner.   I have a store front on Frankford Ave. which sole purpose is for providing a creative space for the community to come get resources.  In my lifetime I have lost many teens, friends, and family to gun violence , with Power Circle we hope to change the cycle and give our youth a head start at a successful life.


Vice President Lewis 

My name is Nafisah Ali Lewis

I am vice president of Power Circle mentor. I am a wife, mother, grandmother. For the past 30 year I have been a residents of Philadelphia, in the Frankford area.

Having raise my children in the Frankford area I saw first hand, that there was a need for mentorship for the youth.

I watched to many of my children friends become a victim of the community around them, so I decided to do something about it because that’s the nature within me. I never been one to stand by and watch things happen.

I am compassion and dedicated to my community.

My passion include, health and wellness. I love working out running, riding my bike, jumping rope, I also love helping others get fit.

I am also a small business owner of Just Good Scents (Candle) I also hosted candle party. As well as a proud owner of MoveSomething.Run running company. 



 Secretary Butler 



My name is Lakiesha Butler, Secretary of Power Circle Mentors. I am the am a mother to a teenage son as well as a Mental Health Specialist.

I have also am co-owner of an event venue called Gloss. We offer rentals on various party equipment, as well as the 360 video booth.

 I enjoy working with children and making people smile.I am passionate about rebuilding the community. Growing up in Frankford it was tough. With the help of the village I made it through and for that I am forever grateful. Now that I am older and I’ve seen the positive impact it has had on my life I want to pay it foreword.